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The Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.  is constantly committed to the self-discipline towards law and ISO voluntary standards.
As far is for the Privacy regulation is concern we adopted all essential measures to accomplish and maintain a complete Privacy System either as updates documentation or conduction of IT infrastructures including Internet activities.

Privacy first of all
The Privacy of users, customers, suppliers and all the subjects for which personal information are collected is guaranteed under any form thank to logical, technological, phisical, electronic and management measures as results mandatory by the italian Decree 196/03 and Decree 276/2003 on social policies and labour.

All databases are used exclusively for the finality strictly related to the activities stated with the official Informations and Consent obtained by the interested persons whose are previously informed.

Informations document of the Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.  are published on this site in all the pages with which the user can interact.

Quality and Transparency of the services
All the terms  and condition of the services released by our company are inherently  conceived  to let customer to change at any time their data profiles  and settings.

Special documented procedure was conceived for the case of the "deletion" request. In suh a case the user is assured that all data and information concerning him, are permanently removed from the web database. 96/45/EU.

Social Responsability
Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.   is fully aware of the responsability related to its activities and is committed to act according the princicples of correctness, professionality and transparency.


Per to peer Opportunity
Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.  run its commitment according the principle of  impartiality excluding by that any form of discrimination (Leggi 300/1970, 125/1991, 903/77 and Decree no. 286/1998).

Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.
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