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Dear fellow,

Sin 2005 the Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l. is on Internet and constantly evolved its web site to offer the better level as possible to its customers in terms of commercial support and services


Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l. is autodesignated as Data Controller according to italian code for the Data Protection Decree No. 196/03, and  has accomplished the Notification  in the Official Registry of the Authority for the DataProtection (No. 2013031400186301).

The value of the protection of our business it is the same of that of our customers, therefore we always invested om the security and technology in order to protect the maximum confidentiality and assuring the company mission.

How, when and why

As today Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l. has a web Portal based on ICT technology and is committed to the continuos training od its staff in order to guarantee either technical and human resouces for customer oriented business
Our portal was concieved to respect all regulation and law prescription yet try to render  the visitors/users the better experience as possible to visit it.

For the most spreadfull dissemination we declared and compliant with Data Retention, Privacy e Data Protection laws.
User can consult our Policies  (Dlg.vo 196/03), our Statements toward the new  EU Reform on Data Protection (ex L. Pisanu, e 95/46/CE), our praxis and position on  Copyright and condition of consents and privacy information for interested persons.

The Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l. has choosed the compliance beyon conformity

Alessandro Gaeta S.r.l.
Via Sardorella 41/R
16162 Genova Bolzaneto


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